Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, near to the Moroccan West coast. The archipelago consists out of multiple islands, with El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Lanzarote, La Palma and Tenerife as the most important ones.


The Canary Islands are of volcanic origin, which is expressed by the beautiful, sometimes alienating nature and the black sandy beaches. The island group is a great place for outdoor activities combined with the sun, sea and beach life along the coast. As the Canary Islands are not subject to seasonal changes, you experience summer temperatures all year long, due to the warm subtropical climate.


Canary Islands

While the beautiful nature and comfortable climate make it a great place for everyday life, logistically, it’s also a great place to settle. The Canary Islands have 8 airports in total, a great highway network and modern ferry connections between the islands.


Due to the crisis, a lot of houses on the Canary Islands are repossessed by banks. These villa’s and apartments are now in forced sale. This gives you the opportunity to buy your perfect home on one of these islands for a very profitable and affordable price.


Here you find an overview of all bargains at on the Canary Islands.

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